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Celebrate birthdays, holidays, milestones, and more with curated gift boxes from Chef Daniel Boulud.

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Daniel Boulud Gifts
  1. Cannelé de Bordeaux

    Cannelé de Bordeaux

    Traditional cannelé pastries are a specialty from the Bordeaux region of France. They have a caramelized crust with a lush, custardy interior scented with vanilla and a hint of rum. These pastries come boxed and ribboned, ready for gifting.

    • - Box contains 6

    Price: $29.00

  2. Canelé Candle

    Canelé Candle

    At breakfast with coffee, during tea time or with a glass of champagne, classic French canelés are simultaneously elegant and comforting – the perfect sentiment and scent to warm your home. This candle was inspired by the fresh baked canelés in our New York City kitchens, featuring fragrant vanilla, a splash of rum and just the faintest hint of burnt sugar.




    A perfect pairing - Chef Daniel Boulud's signature Cannelé pastries and our limited edition Cannelé Candle, in a luxury gift box! With fragrant vanilla, and a splash of rum, these Cannelés are irresistible in any form.


    • -Six Cannelé Pastries
    • -Cannelé Candle

    Price: $62

  4. Macarons Gift Box

    Macarons Gift Box

    Traditional French cookies made from almond flour. The light and crisp exterior sandwiches an assortment of seasonally flavored fillings. Macarons are naturally gluten-free, and arrive boxed and ribboned, ready for gift giving.

    • - Box contains 12 assorted flavors

    Price: $39.00

  5. French Cookie Trio

    French Cookie Trio

    A trip to Paris would provide no finer introduction to traditional French madeleines, cannelés and rochers. Handmade by Daniel Boulud’s pastry chef, the gourmet gift box is perfect for tea time or as a way to thank a special host, and includes:

    • - Madeleines
    • - Cannelés de Bordeaux
    • - Coconut Rochers hand-dipped in dark chocolate

    Price: $39.00

  6. Tea Time

    Tea Time

    Daniel Boulud's Tea Time collection is a lovely way to share a sweet moment. In this gift box, luxury abounds with:

    • - Chocolate & Vanilla Diamant Shortbread Cookies, 6 pieces
    • - Madeleine pair
    • - Coconut Rochers hand-dipped in chocolate, 3 pieces
    • - Brandy-soaked Cherry Beignets
    • - Chocolate-Coconut Brownies, 4 pieces
    • - In Pursuit of Tea, handpicked and handcrafted box of 12 sachets

    Price: $52.00

  7. Bite Size Party Box

    Bite Size Party Box

    This assortment of bite-sized sweets is perfect for every occasion.

    • - 4-piece assorted flavors of Macarons
    • - 6-piece brandied Cherry Beignets
    • - Hand-rolled Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffles
    • - 12-piece Pâte de Fruit jellies
    • - Classic Dragée candies from iconic French confiseur, Maison Pécou

    Price: $79.00

  8. All Chocolate Box

    All Chocolate Box

    Our All Chocolate Box includes rich treats for every occasion.

    • - Hand-rolled Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffles
    • - 4-piece box of Chocolate-Coconut Brownies
    • - Epicerie Boulud Chocolate Bar
    • - (8) Chocolate Macarons

    Price: $99.00

  9. Gluten-Free Sweets

    Gluten-Free Sweets

    If you're shopping for someone whose dietary restrictions you don't know, or avoiding gluten yourself, this gourmet gift box is the perfect solution. Everything in this collection of Daniel Boulud’s homemade sweets is gluten-free since the recipes are traditionally made without gluten - no need for flour substitutes or additives.

    Selection includes:

    • - Flourless Chocolate-Hazelnut Cookies
    • - Coconut Rochers hand-dipped in dark chocolate, 3 pieces
    • - 8-piece seasonal Macarons assortment
    • - 12-piece Pâte de Fruit jellies
    • - Kettle Corn
    • - Peanut Brittle
    • - Epicerie Boulud Chocolate Bar with seasonal fruit and nuts

    Price: $99.00

  10. Large Cookie Box

    Large Cookie Box

    We’ve gathered our greatest hits for all cookie-lovers! Box includes Vanilla Shortbread, Double-Chocolate Chip Cookies, rich dark-chocolate Brownies, traditional French lemon Madeleines, custardy Cannelés de Bordeaux, coconut-chocolate chip Rochers hand-dipped in dark chocolate, and a dozen gluten-free Macarons in four seasonal varieties.

    • - Cannelés de Bordeaux, pair
    • - Madeleine, pair
    • - Coconut Rochers hand-dipped in dark chocolate, 3 pieces
    • - Chocolate & Vanilla Diamant Shortbread Cookies, 6 pieces
    • - Chocolate-Coconut Brownie, 4 pieces
    • - Double-Chocolate Chip Cookie, 3 pieces
    • - assorted traditional Macarons, 12 pieces

    Price: $105.00

  11. Daniel Boulud’s Kitchen Goods

    Daniel Boulud’s Kitchen Goods

    Offer an aspiring chef or amateur cook two kitchen essentials--the Chef's definitive cookbook, DANIEL: My French Cuisine and handsome Epicerie Boulud Apron, in 100% cotton with adjustable neck strap.

    Price: $119.00

  12. Foie Gras & Brioche

    Foie Gras & Brioche

    This gourmet gift is perfect for its simple elegance. The terrine of duck liver Foie Gras—the epitome of French gastronomic delicacies—is the ultimate luxury for gourmands. Daniel Boulud’s Chef Charcutier prepares the terrine in the traditional way--lightly seasoned and perfectly cooked, to let its flavor stand out. Serve with toast points from our baker’s brioche loaf, and let your guests devour the delicacy!

    • - Terrine of Foie Gras, 300 grams
    • - Loaf of French Brioche

    Price: $119.00

  13. Charcuterie Gift Selection

    Charcuterie Gift Selection

    House made by Daniel Boulud’s expert Chef Charcutier, this gourmet gift box offers the perfect introduction to traditional French charcuterie (preserved meats) & traditional accompaniments. The box includes:

    • - 3 types of Seasonal Charcuterie
    • - Homemade Brioche & Pain Campagne
    • - French Cornichons & Dijon Mustard

    Price: $169.00

  14. Daniel Boulud Connoisseur

    Daniel Boulud Connoisseur

    For your next celebration indulge in gourmet luxuries! Chef Daniel Boulud has gathered simple yet elegant favorites in this sumptuous gift box featuring all you'll need to entertain family and friends.

    • - (2) Seasonal Charcuterie Selections
    • - Dijon Mustard & Classic French Cornichons
    • - Smoked Salmon with Brined Capers
    • - Selection of (2) seasonal Cheeses
    • - Walnut- Raisin Loaf
    • - Pain Campagne Loaf
    • - Christine Ferber Jam

    Kindly note that the contents may change seasonally. Please call for our daily selection:212-933-5330

    Price: $269.00

  15. Ultimate Epicerie Boulud

    Ultimate Epicerie Boulud

    This collection of Daniel Boulud gourmet gift box essentials includes both sweet and savory indulgences. Embark on a culinary journey that takes you from hors d'oeuvres to dessert, including:

    • - (2) Seasonal Charcuterie Selections with Cornichons & Dijon Mustard
    • - Daniel Boulud’s Smoked Salmon with Capers
    • - Housemade Walnut-Raisin Loaf
    • - (2) Seasonal Cheese Selections
    • - Christine Ferber Jam
    • - Box of assorted Macarons, 12 pieces
    • - Cannelé de Bordeaux, 6 pieces
    • - Gingersnaps
    • - Brandy-soaked Cherry Beignets
    • - Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies
    • - Chocolate-Coconut Brownie, 4 pieces
    • - Madeleine, pair
    • - Raspberry Thumbprints
    • - Kettle Corn
    • - Peanut Brittle
    • - Classic Dragée candies from iconic French confiseur, Maison Pécou
    • - Daniel Boulud Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches for Her and for Him
    • Two Volume Collection of Sophisticated recipes from his NYC restaurant, Daniel

    Kindly note that the contents may change seasonally. Please call for our daily selection:212-933-5330

    Price: $499.00

Specialty Products
  1. Épicerie Boulud Cheese Board

    Épicerie Boulud Cheese Board

    Custom made by Vermont Butcher Block in Vermont, our Épicerie Boulud wooden boards are the perfect size for serving cheese, charcuterie or tapas; cheese knife included. Board Dimensions: 13" x 8" x 1"

    Price: $45.00

  2. Épicerie Boulud Apron

    Épicerie Boulud Apron

    Daniel's signature Épicerie Boulud Apron is perfect for any at home chef. 100% cotton with adjustable neck strap.

    Price: $39.00

  3. Christine Ferber Jam

    Christine Ferber Jam

    We’ve convinced Christine Ferber, France’s most prized artisanal confiture maker, to share her wares with us. Tucked into a small village surrounded by the vineyards of Alsace, Christine works her magic in traditional copper cauldrons, never more than 4 kilos of fruit at a time, with every spoonful telling a fairy tale story. Jams are available seasonally and in limited quantities. (220g)

    Seasonal Flavors currently available:

    • - Abricots Bergeron et Cannelle / Apricot-Cinnamon
    • - Cassis d’Alsace / Blackcurrant
    • - Gelee et Morceaux de Coings / Quince
    • - Griottes d’Alsace varieté Montmorency de Sauvignony / Morello cherries
    • - Myrtilles des bois d’Alsace / Wild blueberry
    • - Poires Williams en julienne et vanilla / Williams pear & vanilla
    • - 2 agrumes et vanilla / Citrus & Vanilla (Out of Stock, Back Soon)
    • - Abricots Bergeron / Apricot (Out of Stock, Back Soon)
    • - Fraises Charlotte d’Alsace / Charlotte Strawberry (Out of Stock, Back Soon)
    • - Framboises / Raspberry (Out of Stock, Back Soon)
    • - Groseilles d'Alsace / Alsatian Red Currants (Out of Stock, Back Soon)
    • - Mûres des bois et framboises d’Alsace / Blackberry & raspberry (Out of Stock, Back Soon)
    • - Oranges maltaises / Maltese orange (Out of Stock, Back Soon)
    • - Rhubarbe d’Alsace / Rhubarb (Out of Stock, Back Soon)

    Price: $19.00

    Please select your flavor:

  4. Preserved Clementines

    Preserved Clementines

    These intensely flavorful Corsican Clementines gently poached in their own syrup make for a delectable accompaniment to a sharp blue cheese or to spread on buttery toast. (400g)

    Price: $22.00

  5. Daniel Boulud Selection Merula Olive Oil (500ml)

    Daniel Boulud Selection Merula Olive Oil (500ml)

    This magnificant Merula estate bottled extra virgin olive oil is produced in Southwestern Spain, especially for the restaurants of Daniel Boulud. Our chefs recommend it both for cooking and for adding finishing touches to cold dishes and vinaigrettes. (500ml)

    Price: $25.00

  6. Griottines Griottes Kirsch

    Griottines Griottes Kirsch

    These wild Morello cherries marinated in Kirsch are an Alsatian delicacy that arrive from France beautifully packaged and ready to be enjoyed in your favorite cocktail or atop a deserving dessert. (400g)

    Price: $29.00

  7. Daniel Whole Side Smoked Salmon

    Daniel Whole Side Smoked Salmon

    Premium cuts of fresh Atlantic salmon are selected and smoked using fruitwood, resulting in a silky and lightly fragrant smoked salmon. This is lighter in smokiness than your traditional smoked salmon and perfect with a dollop of crème fraiche and a bit of caviar.

  8. Biscuiterie De Provence Chataignes

    Biscuiterie De Provence Chataignes

    This imported "Buiscuiterie de Provence" gluten-free cake is rich in chestnuts, and delicious on its own or accompanied by chantilly, ice cream, or fresh fruit salad. (240g)

    Price: $16.00

  9. Dining Giftcards

    Dining Giftcards

    Nothing is a better match for your generosity than the gift of dining in a restaurant by Daniel Boulud.

    Our Gift cards can be used at the following:
    Café Boulud (NYC and Palm Beach)
    DB Bistro Moderne (NYC and Miami)
    Bar Boulud (NYC)
    DBGB Kitchen and Bar (NYC & DC)
    Boulud Sud (NYC)
    Bar Pleiades (NYC)
    Épicerie Boulud (NYC)

    Gift cards are fulfilled by a third party vendor and must be purchased separately. Shop button at right to purchase physical Gift Cards by mail or electronic gift cards by email.

    If you wish to purchase additional products from the Épicerie / Daniel Boulud store you will need to finish the checkout process on this site before OR after purchasing your gift cards.

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  10. Private Label WIne and Champagne

    Private Label WIne and Champagne

    For us, the pleasures of wine and food are so inextricably linked, we can’t imagine enjoying one without the other. Together with our Wine Director Daniel Johnnes, we’ve even created our own collection of private label wines to serve in our restaurants, with a select few now available for you to enjoy at home. These are the product of longstanding relationships with some wonderful winemakers from Champagne to Burgundy and beyond. As we tend to work with small producers, we’re afraid the quantities can be quite limited. But rest assured, we will always have new ones in the works.

* Please note: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.