Charcutier Gilles Verot

Epicerie Boulud features artisanally made French charcuterie, with a broad selection of terrines and pâtés by award winning Parisian Charcutier Gilles Verot. Practicing his art since the age of 17, Gilles Verot has been named Champion de France du Fromage de Téte (1997) and the prestigious Guide Pudlowsky’s Chercutler de l’Année (1999) and has received the French Ministry of Agriculture’s ‘Ordre du Mérite Agnicole A third generation Charcutier from Saint Etienne in France’s Rhone Valley, in 1991 Gilles moved to Paris where he and his wife Catherine operate their two boutiques (rue Notre Dames des Champs In the 6th arrondissement and on rue Lecourbe in the 15th).

When Daniel Boulud and Gilles Verot first met in Paris, they determined they would someday find a way to introduce the charcuterie they both love to the New York restaurant scene. Daniel could see that, even in France, artisanally made charcuterie was quickly giving way to industrial production and that craftsmen with Gilles’ talent and integrity were rare. Together the two chefs recognized in each other a common desire to keep alive that which they love most: foods traditionally made from fine quality ingredients. Soon, they devised a plan for Verot to send his protégé, the top chef from his Parisian atelier to Manhattan. Consequently, Aurelien Dufour, a Chef Charcutier who has worked under Verot, relocated to New York City to create his wonderful terrines and pâtés. Specialties such as tourte de canard, fromage de tête, seven hour braised lamb terrine, pâté grand-mere and saucisson en brioche are available for takeout at lunch and dinner.


1997 – Named ‘Charcutier de I’Année’ by the Guide

2001 – Inducted into the French Ministry of
Agriculture’s Ordre du Mérite Agncole”

2007- MedallIe d’Or (gold medal)at the
‘Championnat dEurope du Boudin Blanc’
2008- Inducted in to Who’s Who France

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